Search Engine Optimization

Now that you have a website, let’s focus on getting found via the web. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is how people will find your website on google, yahoo, and other search engines. You want your website to be found for the right search keywords and attract the right audience, your not going to want bikers finding your website for cookware. Unfortunately, SEO is not a one time service. Content on your website must be kept fresh and relevant. Adding new images and incorporating new content will let search engines know that your website is still up to date.

Website design Mock Ups

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Search Engine Optimization Analytics

After your websites HTML has been properly marked up, we can now start tracking customer visits using Analytics. We look at demographics, new vistors, return vistors, and bounce rate. These help us put together a plan to gain your website more positive traffic.

SEO Structured Data Markup

In order to get the proper users to your website we need to mark up the HTML. Together we can identify the right users and get them to your website. After all you wouldn't want people finding your harware store when searching for a bakery.

SEO Targeted Approach

When dealing with search it can be very complicated, especially when you want yo get found for certain queries. Our targeted approach lets us pick keywords that have high value and low competition. We make sure your website is atracting the right users.

Search Engine Stragey

It takes more than the right keywords to be found, Your website needs a search engine stratagey. Let's work together to come up with a stratagey to gain the user visits. Together we determine the proper channels to get the right users on to your website.